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母语 :  印地语
练习语言 :  英语
My name is Sameer, I live in India, I have English intermediate knowledge and now I want to be a fluent speaker in English. Hence I am seeking a person or group who is as interested as I am to get fluency in English.
母语 :  尼泊尔语
练习语言 :  俄语, 英语
hey hi My name is anil. I'm from Nepal. I'm currently living in New Delhi, India. I speak Nepali perfectly. I can speak hindi and english ( but not fluently). I want to meet new people and learn their language and culture. I'd be glad if we can share our language and culture with each other. Thank you !
Hi, I am Amit from New Delhi, working as Japanese language expert in gurgaon. I would like to exchange language. My hobbies are cooking, gardening, movies, travel, talk to people. my skype and line is: amittandon82