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练习语言 :  日语
Hey I am anbu, I am Student. I speak Tamil, english. Want to learn Japanese... I love anime Jojo, baki, Death Note, gintama etc
练习语言 :  英语
I am Saleem, I am from India Tamil and Urdu are my native language and I want to learn English by making friends.
母语 :  英语, 印地语
练习语言 :  法语
Hi !! Myself Manuj, I am from India. I am an engineer by profession. I am fluent in English & Hindi. I am interested to learn French language. I will love to share my expertise language, in parallel learning French. My hobbies are Drawing, Travel, movie..
母语 :  英语
练习语言 :  德语, 朝鲜语, 法语
Hello everyone, I'm Ruka^^ . I'm doing my majors in Computer science~ I'm a college student . I'm learning Korean for the past 4 years. But I'm not good at it yet. And French, I'm learning it since two year~ i wrote many exams in French too~ I love reading books and playing badminton^^. Feel free to contact me and i can help you all😊.
练习语言 :  德语, 日语
Hi, I am interested in learning foreign languages. Learn german upto B1 level and started japanese now. I would like to find patners who can teach me Japanese and i can teach english and basic german. Looking forward to find people who are interested in languages and have diversified conversations. Thanks.
练习语言 :  英语
hello all, i wish to have onle chat with someone who can make me fluent in english. In return I can teach them odia or hindi.
练习语言 :  朝鲜语
Hey.. I am an girl from India who loves to learn korean.. My name is Anne Cynthia.. May be someone can help me with the language.. I love Korean culture so much and the Dramas to.. My hobbies are reading comics (manga) and I watch lot of movies and Dramas..
母语 :  泰米尔语
练习语言 :  法语, 英语
Hi Friends! I'm Priya from Chennai. I'm looking for a language partner who's interested in learning one of the oldest languages in the world - Tamil! I'm fluent in English and I'm greatly interested in teaching the language. If one devotes 15 min a day, they can easily learn to speak Tamil within 5 months. My area of interests are nature, Arts and literature, astronomy and music. If you feel you can be my language partner for English, please contact me. Thanks! :)
练习语言 :  西班牙语
I am Rajavelu very keen to practice Spanish. I know the basics of the language including its grammar, and have reasonable vocabulary. What I need is to practice in speaking and conversation. I am very fluent in English, Tamil and Hindi and can teach any of the three languages. My hobbies are long distance jogging, golf, music and reading. I am looking for a Spanish native for conversation. Hope I find one soon...
练习语言 :  泰米尔语
My name is Dean. I am currently travelling around India and I would like to meet native speakers from which ever state I am currently in. I am a native English speaker and I also speak and write in Spansish to a high intermediate level. I have many hobbies including yoga, writing, cinema, travel, rock climbing as well as cooking. I am a very open minded person and genuinely looking to exchange language lessions with friendly, kind people. I have taught both English and Spanish before so I understand the process of teaching and learning. I am interested to meet in person, perhaps over a meal or a coffee and I am happy to meet anyone of any gender or age.