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母语 :  英语
练习语言 :  芬兰语, 捷克语
Hi :) I am Heather! I love in the southeast in the USA. I am almost 30 and am happily married going on 4 years this may. i love music and reading and singing,and crafting such as crochet and making dream catchers and jewelry. i enjoy exploring outdoors also as well as photography. big Harry Potter fan--shout out to my fellow gryffindors!! i enjoy learning about history and cultures. archaeology as well ofc :) i am currently learning czech and asl and have just decided to give finnish a go as a complete beginner.
母语 :  英语
练习语言 :  朝鲜语
Hello~ My name is Sade and I am hoping to make new friends and learn as much about Korea and its culture as I can. I live in Upstate NY, in a small town. I love helping others and learning about new things so I am hoping to make lots of new friends. My hobbies include Reading, Music, Anime, Swimming, and trying new foods(don't really get a chance because I live in the middle of nowhere lol) My native language is English so I can try to help anyone trying to learn.