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练习语言 :  英语
我正在接受研究生二年级课程,专业学科教学(英语),明年6月份毕业。希望能够在研究生课程结束后申请国外的博士项目,需要为此提升英语。 我平时也会接触语言学的知识,相信对语言交换、教授中文有些帮助。如果你想要学习中文并且有固定且频繁的语言交换时间,联系我吧。希望我们共同进步! I am in my second year of post-graduate program, with the major of Teaching (English), and I will graduate in June next year. I hope to apply for a doctoral program abroad at the end of your graduate program, which requires me to polish my English. I also come into contact with linguistics for my study, and I believe it will be helpful for language exchange and teaching Chinese. If you want to learn Chinese and if you have a regular and frequent language exchange time, contact me. Hope we progress together!