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母语 :  俄语
练习语言 :  波兰语
Mam na imię Andrzej, pochodzę z Białorusi. Niemal od 4 lat mieszkam w Czarnogórze. Zamierzam zdać egzamin z języka polskiego na poziomie B2. Ukończyłem studia medyczne w Mińsku, posiadam dyplomę terapeuty. Lubię wycieczki górskie i poprawną polszczyznę. Wcześniej uczyłem się również języka angielskiego i serbskiego.
母语 :  俄语
练习语言 :  塞尔维亚语, 阿尔巴尼亚语
I am Russian, but now I live in Montenegro, my husband is Albanian. So, I need to learn Albanian and Montenegrin. I speak Russian and English. I am a teacher of these languages.
母语 :  英语, 俄语
练习语言 :  塞尔维亚语
Hi! My name is Alex. I'm from Vladivostok. It's a beautiful city at the Far East of Russia. Now I'm living in Montenegro and trying to study Serbian. Will be very glad to help somebody with Russian and practice Serbian.
母语 :  俄语
练习语言 :  法语
Bonjour à tous ! Je m'appelle Dasha, je suis russe qui habite en Monténégro et qui apprend le français. Je suis à la recherche des francophones qui pourraient m'aider avec la pratique. Je vais passer un examen bientôt, donc il faut que je parle le français le plus souvent possible. En echange je peux vous proposer de me parler russe.
母语 :  俄语
练习语言 :  朝鲜语, 英语
Hi there! My name is Olya, I am a graphic designer, originally from Russia, currently living in Montenegro, small mediterranean country on the Balkan Peninsula with amazing nature. I am interested in learning of Korean language and culture. I know just some Korean words and phrases but would like to improve my knowlege. I will be glad to meet new friends and help each other with language and cultural exchange.
母语 :  俄语
练习语言 :  英语
I am really interested in finding ENG speaking person to improve my skills and will glad to help you in learning Russian Now living in Montenegro I am interested in reading, business, cars and travelling Now have much free time to share and to be shared by new information aтв skills Text me!
母语 :  捷克语, 俄语
练习语言 :  西班牙语, 波斯尼亚语, 塞尔维亚语
Hi I'm here trying to find a language exchange partners in Serbian and Spanish languages. We can use English as intermediary language. I prefer to use email, at least at begin. Feel free to contact me.
母语 :  英语, 法语, 塞尔维亚语
练习语言 :  俄语, 德语
Hi, I am looking for someone, who is willing to help me with my German language. I already speak some German but i need to improve it. I worked in Russia so I speak some intermediate Russian. I graduated in English language and I have French relatives so I speak French as good as a native speaker. My native language is Serbian. My areas of interest include movies, cooking, sports and culture. So If there is someone who is ready to embark on a mutual linguistic journey, He or She can feel free to contact me.