城市 多伦多
祖国 CN 中国
目前的国家 CA 加拿大
年龄 23
母语 ZO 中文 (其它)
练习语言 FR 法语
JA 日语
KO 朝鲜语
ES 西班牙语



I am Tiffany. I am a graduate student in Canada studying Global business. I finished my undergrad degree in the US. I am Chinese, so I can help people who want to practice Chinese. I used to teach kids English in China, so I can also help you to learn English.

I have studied in China, America, Canada, France and South Korea. I love to meet new people, study new languages and learn about new cultures.I had Korean and Japanese roommates, so I piked up some Korean and Japanese, when I lived with them.

Besides, I have been studying Korean and French for a while, but my french is bad. I love Spain so much, I have been to Barcelona several times and I love latin culture, so I decide to start to study Spanish recently.
It will be great if somebody can help me. I am very out going and easy to talk to. I want to make friends from different background, so feel free to message me.


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