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母语 :  手語 (中国手语), 德语, 英语, 印尼语, 哈萨克语, 越南语, 壮语, 中文 (普通话)
练习语言 :  不丹语, 哈萨克语, 缅甸语, 俄语, 斯瓦希里语, 老挝语, 蒙古语, 尼泊尔语, 泰语, 中文 (台湾话), 藏语, 四川彝语(诺苏语), 朝鲜语
Hello, My name is Zhihao. I'm 19 years old and I live in Nanning, in China. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Dzongkha, Kazakh, Burmese, Russian, Swahili, Lao, Mongolian, Nepali, Thai, Chinese (Taiwanese), Tibetan, Sichuan Yi and Korean. I'd be happy to help you to learn Sign Language (China), German, English, Indonesian, Kazakh, Viêt Namese, Zhuang and Chinese (Mandarin) in exchange.
母语 :  阿拉伯语, 德语, 英语, 壮语
练习语言 :  英语, 阿尔巴尼亚语, 法语, 亚美尼亚语
Hello, My name is Arb. I'm 20 years old and I live in in Bahrain. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English, Albanian, French and Armenian. I'd be happy to help you to learn Arabic, German, English and Zhuang in exchange.
母语 :  壮语
练习语言 :  中文 (普通话), 中文 (台湾话), 英语
hi guys, nice to meet you, if anyone want to pratice english or madrian chinese please pm me, thanks.
母语 :  壮语, 中文 (广东话), 中文 (普通话), 中文 (其它)
练习语言 :  西班牙语, 英语, 俄语, 乌克兰语
hi there,I am felix, I was bron in guangxi province, I graduate from GuangDong Ocean University and major in advertisement design. In my spare time, I like to do anything relating to english such as listening english songs, watching english movies. My mother tongue is chinese, I can speak chinese and i can speak contonese,when i were a child i spoke the native language, so i can speak three language fluently. I can teach you chinese and U can teach me english ,let's make friends and we learn each other and improve our language level together.
母语 :  壮语, 中文 (普通话)
练习语言 :  德语, 英语
HEY, here. Ich bin ein Student aus China und studiere zurzeit in Deutschland. Ich habe schon ein bisschen Deutsch gelernt, aber in meinem täglichen Leben kommunizierte ich mit anderen meisten auf Englisch. Ich möchte mein Deutsch verbessern. ich kenne auch Chinas alte Kultur und detaillierte Geschichte. Ich war schon in vielen Teilen von China, Tibet, Peking, Shanghai und Yunnan , das sind völlig verschiedene Welten in einen Land. ich kann sie ihnen vorstellen,sogar einen Feintourismusplan anbiten. Wenn Sie auch gerne chinesische Countrymusik interessieren, da kann ich auch sie vorstehen. Ich interessiere mich für Reisen, Filme, europäische Geschichte und Kultur. Ich freue mich, Ihnen kennenzulernen. HEY, HEREI am a student from China and am currently studying in Germany. I have already learned a bit of German, but in my daily life I communicate with locals in English. I would like to improve my German. I know lot of China's old culture and detailed history. and I have been to many parts of China, Tibet, Beijing, Shanghai and Yunnan, these are completely different worlds in one country. I can introduce them to you, even offer a fine tourism plan. and If you also like Chinese country music, I do not mind singing you. I am interested in travel, movies, European history and culture.It's would be nice to meet you.
母语 :  壮语, 中文 (广东话)
练习语言 :  英语
I am Hung, a Hong Kong photographer. I would like to learn English, and I can teach you Cantonese too :)