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母语 :  阿拉伯语, 阿拉伯语
练习语言 :  法语, 手語 (美國手语), 英语
Hello, My name is Adel Tebina, I live in Algeria, I am 43 years old, I have a PhD in law specializing in international law, and a trainer in human development, I speak Arabic fluently and a little French, I am looking for friends who help me in learning English. My motto, learning the language is the key to success.
母语 :  葡萄牙语
练习语言 :  英语, 手語 (義大利手语)
Hi. Amid this chaotic scenario of the corona-virus, I am looking for a partner who can help me improve my English with conversations on Zoom or Skype and, why not ?, make silly jokes and laugh amid the chaos. By the way, I can help you if you want to learn Portuguese. I am prioritizing learning English, but I also want to learn the most beautiful language in the world: Italians are welcome <3
母语 :  英语, 俄语, 乌克兰语
练习语言 :  冰岛语, 日语, 朝鲜语, 德语, 西班牙语, 中文 (普通话)
Hiii, my name is Rina i'm from Ukraine and i enjoy study languages and find new friends. Also, I am keeen on reading and doing yoga. By the way, i'm a student- philologist from Roman languages, so i want a bit improve my skills~ If you are interested in ukrainian or russian feel free to connect me).
母语 :  手語 (俄羅斯手语)
练习语言 :  法语
Hello, My name is Nadejde Lappoue and I live in in France. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study French. I'd be happy to help you to learn Sign Language (Russia) in exchange.
母语 :  日语
练习语言 :  英语, 手語 (日本手语)
Hello. I am working as a tour leader, so I need to speak English. But my English skill is poor, so I want to brush up! I can help you to study Japanese. こんにちは。いっしょに日本語のべんきょうをしましょう!
母语 :  手語 (西班牙手语)
练习语言 :  意大利语, 英语
Probando 1,2,3... ¿Quieres aprender español? Io vorrei mettere in moto il mio italiano. Ti va? Of course I am interested in English exchange too! Fammelo sapere! Email me!
母语 :  阿拉伯语, 手語 (沙烏地阿拉伯手语), 手語 (摩洛哥手语)
练习语言 :  朝鲜语, 英语
I want to make new friends. And we exchange language. I'm a nice, decent person. Welcome to everyone.
母语 :  手語 (墨西哥手语)
练习语言 :  德语, 英语
I`m Ricardo I,m 28 years old my native languages is Spanish I would like to improve my English and learn German Similarly support whit Spanish
母语 :  手語 (英國手语), 英语
练习语言 :  日语, 朝鲜语, 手語 (韩国手语)
I am looking for a friend who can help me learn Korean and English. I will help you with learning speaking English or BSL (British Sign Language) I am not deaf so I can help translate English words into BSL. I can speak a little Korean but I am very new to Japanese. I hahope we can be good friends! I have 카톡.
母语 :  阿拉伯语
练习语言 :  英语, 手語 (西班牙手语)
Hello. I am a keen sportsman with a passion for life.I'm looking for langauage echange partner my goal Is learning english and spanish and iwould be happy to helping others with arabic
母语 :  英语
练习语言 :  手語 (德國手语)
Hello, My name is Mathias. I'm 26 years old and I live in in the USA. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (Germany). I'd be happy to help you to learn English in exchange.
母语 :  英语
练习语言 :  手語 (美國手语), 蒙古语
Hi my name is Serenity! I am interested in learning Mongolian, I don't have any prior experience. I would be willing to teach English in exchange.
母语 :  越南语
练习语言 :  手語 (中国手语), 英语, 日语, 中文 (广东话), 中文 (普通话), 手語 (美國手语)
hello eveyone! My name is Thao. I come from Vietnam. I am currently a high school student. I have studied and been exposed to English for over 10 years but my level is just like learning. Although I took a lot of online courses, my level is still quite bad. Hope everyone can study with me and help me out. Help me to learn English better in pronunciation and communication. And naturally, you may also want to learn your own Vietnamese, then I am also very happy, we can learn together ... Looking forward to receiving help from everyone. Thank you very much.
母语 :  越南语
练习语言 :  手語 (英國手语)
I like learning English, make friends to exchange Vietnamese with me, nice to make friends with everyone in the same direction.
母语 :  英语, 毛利语
练习语言 :  手語 (美國手语), 西班牙语, 手語 (紐西蘭手语), 朝鲜语, 中文 (普通话)
Hello, I'm Sage,17. I live in New Zealand. I'm studying Korean at the moment by myself. I would love to help someone learn English, and possibly help me with my Korean but i don't mind if you don't. Send me a message if your interested. :) Thank You~~
母语 :  阿拉伯语
练习语言 :  英语, 手語 (德國手语), 手語 (西班牙手语), 中文 (普通话), 法语
اريد التواصل مع اناس من جنسيات و لغات مختلفة
母语 :  阿塞拜疆语, 英语, 土耳其语
练习语言 :  英语, 西班牙语, 手語 (俄羅斯手语)
i am from Azerbaijan....i want to know new people
母语 :  手語 (土耳其手语)
练习语言 :  俄语
Hello, My name is Sahan and I live in Istanbul, in Turkey. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Russian. I'd be happy to help you to learn Sign Language (Turkey) in exchange.
母语 :  手語 (巴西手语), 英语
练习语言 :  斯洛伐克语, 俄语
I would love to meet people in the around would to Language Exchange.
母语 :  越南语, 越南语
练习语言 :  手語 (英國手语)
Hello, my name is Huyen, I'm 16 years old, my language is Vietnamese. My hobby is play video game ^^, hope people will help themselves