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母语 :  中文 (普通话)
练习语言 :  德语, 英语, 手語 (中国手语)
Hi All, I'm Harlee, I'm here to learn and practice my German. I love making new friends with people, who have different culture background. And I'm a fun and comprehensive person, so free to talk with me about travel, films, social and culture, or anything you want to know about China. Besides, I'm also a student major in Vehicle Engineering, and plan to go to German for further Education. So it'll be nice to know more about German!
母语 :  手語 (沙烏地阿拉伯手语)
练习语言 :  朝鲜语
Hello my name is Haya . 20 old. I am studying at the university specializing in fashion design . I want to make friends from the Korean culture to improve my language in it I do not know it well but I know the basics and some vocabulary and I love this language from 7 years and I hope to have Korean friends🤍🇰🇷.
母语 :  英语, 波斯语
练习语言 :  手語 (葡萄牙手语), 葡萄牙语
Hello, My name is Sunny and I live in Lisbon, in Portugal. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (Portugal) and Portuguese. I'd be happy to help you to learn English and Persian in exchange.
母语 :  保加利亚语
练习语言 :  手語 (國際手語), 朝鲜语, 土耳其语, 英语
Hello, My name is Djanan. I'm 29 years old and I live in in Bulgaria. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (International), Korean, Turkish and English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Bulgarian in exchange.
母语 :  阿拉伯语
练习语言 :  手語 (美國手语), 手語 (英國手语), 手語 (约旦手语), 英语
My name is Saja from Jordan I am native speaker in Arabic who knows a good amount of English . looking to do English-Arabic exchange .MY hobbies are reading stories / playing spots / walking for a along distance
母语 :  英语, 西班牙语
练习语言 :  意大利语, 手語 (- 其它 -)
Hello! I currently work in the casino industry, here in Las Vegas I speak Spanish and English and would like to learn more sign language and Italian! I like plants, photography, art, painting and repurposing items! Currently available Sunday and monday! Or anytime after 6:30!
母语 :  英语, 手語 (墨西哥手语)
练习语言 :  德语, 瑞典语
I am a software engineer and very interested in learning languages. I will be very happy to help if required, please ping me to get in touch. My timing is EST so please let me know your best time for getting in touch. I speak Spanish (native) and also I speak English. Best Regards.
母语 :  阿拉伯语, 阿拉伯语
练习语言 :  法语, 手語 (美國手语), 英语
Hello, My name is Adel Tebina, I live in Algeria, I am 43 years old, I have a PhD in law specializing in international law, and a trainer in human development, I speak Arabic fluently and a little French, I am looking for friends who help me in learning English. My motto, learning the language is the key to success.
母语 :  阿塞拜疆语, 英语, 土耳其语
练习语言 :  西班牙语, 日语, 朝鲜语, 中文 (普通话), 俄语, 手語 (法国手语), 英语
Hi!👋 My name is Lala. If you wanna practice with me, write me:) I like to communicate with people) I love travel, language learning, reading, dancing and meeting new people, culture. My languages are English, Azerbaijani and Turkish. I am learning Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. I wanna meet new people from other cultures and also improve my languages.
母语 :  手語 (英國手语), 英语
练习语言 :  朝鲜语, 手語 (韩国手语), 中文 (普通话), 日语, 中文 (广东话)
I am looking for a friend who can help me learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. I will help you with learning speaking English or BSL (British Sign Language) I am not deaf so I can help translate English words into BSL. I can speak a little Korean and Spanish but I am very new to Japanese and Chinese. I hahope we can be good friends! I have 카톡.
母语 :  英语, 瑞典语
练习语言 :  日语, 手語 (瑞典手语), 冰岛语
A pen pal told me she didn't think she could help me with my Japanese because she learned it from playing untranslated old video games. But that's actually the reason I want to learn Japanese in the first place! Hi, I write music sometimes; often with rhymes. Feel free to speak with me about the unicorns
母语 :  阿拉伯语
练习语言 :  手語 (西班牙手语), 英语
Hello. I'm looking for a language exchange partner my goal Is learning English and Spanish and I would be happy to help others with Arabic
母语 :  英语
练习语言 :  手語 (美國手语), 西班牙语
Hi, I am learning Spanish and American Sign Language and would love to connect with some people on here to share experiences and grow our language abilities at the same time. I enjoy exercising, watching movies of all kinds, music, and books.
母语 :  英语, 匈牙利语
练习语言 :  手語 (阿富汗手语), 阿拉伯语, 白俄罗斯语, 车臣语, 爱沙尼亚语, 手語 (拉脱维亚手语), 手語 (伊朗手语), 手語 (烏克蘭手语), 俄语, 乌克兰语
I am István,i can teach you hungarian, or help with the grammar of english. I want to learn a few languages...i will learn one by one. But i want to learn Russian Ukranian Arabic(there are many dialects,but i technically want to speak the one which is the scariest,mostly used,hahah,im not a terrorist,but if i see a video about ISIS,i want to understand what the guys say hahah. The rest will come later. Latvian,Estonian... We can do a language exchange by having conversations somewhere and giving each other lessons. Language for language,i don't ask for money,i would like to teach. And im not giving money. Its a passon,not a job. Im 19 years old, well, i have stuff going on in my life, im not always on my phone,but i respond relatively fast,and we can set up dates. To make things clear we can have a conversation about the exchange first. No overcompliccation. Hungarian isn't easy,but you gotta hold on. I know people who learned it. I would really like to see someone speaking with me in my own native language who is from somewhere else,and me speaking to him or her in her or his own native language , that would be fun. I can help you with english if you are at a good level,i can explain the grammar that you don't know how and when to use. We can also have a conversation about anything as well and develop something. Im interested in many things.
母语 :  手語 (土耳其手语)
练习语言 :  英语 name is Ahmet.i can teach turkish if you want. we can correspond in english.
母语 :  阿拉伯语
练习语言 :  朝鲜语, 手語 (西班牙手语), 日语
Hello, My name is Reem. I'm 18 years old and I live in in Saudi Arabia. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Korean, Sign Language (Spain) and Japanese. I'd be happy to help you to learn Arabic in exchange.
母语 :  英语, 西班牙语
练习语言 :  德语, 手語 (- 其它 -), 手語 (國際手語), 意大利语
Hi My name is Patricia!! thanks for coming to read about me and my desire to learn sign language!! I got two nationalities: Venezuelan and german but I just speak Spanish and English so if i can help you going another level up i´ll be super happy! I lived 4 years in London, One in Italy, six month in Colombia, 1 year in Germany and currently Spain so yes.. I love to learn abput different countries! I like to do many things... many sports, nature, i quite enjoy cooking and try to be quite healthy... i really love food haha !! currently i am reading Castaneda! Also Philosophy, and biology because of my studies! Now i am reading a lot about Ayurveda too. Hope to meet you soon!!
母语 :  西班牙语
练习语言 :  手語 (美國手语), 日语
I want to find a friend that would like to learn Japanese or sign language (USA) with me. I'm a slow learner so i need someone that has patience.we could help each other with whatever we don't understand!! I'm using zoom.=)
母语 :  阿拉伯语, 法语, 手語 (摩洛哥手语)
练习语言 :  英语, 德语
Hello everyone! This is Hayat from the South East Morocco, i’m 25 years old and i’m a graduate of biology and i recently finished my diploma in health care. I would like to exchange languages and to share likes and hobbies. My hobbies include sports, hiking, long walks, photography and enjoying books and movies. I’m a Berber, French and Arabic native speaker so don’t hesitate to hit me up, i will be happy to help you. Prenez soins de vous!
母语 :  葡萄牙语
练习语言 :  手語 (巴西手语), 英语, 西班牙语, 法语, 意大利语, 中文 (普通话), 德语
Hi, I'm Brenda! I'm 19 years old and I currently study Law at college. I really love learning languages and I just want someone to practice the ones I'm studying. I'm fluent in English and I'm focusing on studying German and Chinese. I love movies (specially romantic ones and if it's LGBTQ+ it's better!), I'm a vegetarian and I write poetry sometimes. I'm a fan of She-Ra and you can talk to me about TV shows that we'll problably have a looong conversation!