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练习语言 :  中文 (广东话), 英语
I was born in China, male, 40 years old, Chinese is my native language, I love to travel, I am currently planning a trip around the world, I speak a little English, I hope I can find friends who are learning Chinese, language exchange to learn together. My telegram is @wubojemi 我出生在中国,男性,40岁,中文是我的母语,我爱旅游,目前正在计划环游旅行,会说一点点英语,希望可以找到正在学习中文的朋友,语言交换共同学习。我的telegram是@wubojemi
练习语言 :  英语
My name is Feng Fan. I come from a beautiful country; China. I love languages. I think language is an art and the crystallization of a country's wisdom. Learning languages has become a big hobby for me. I also like to make friends from different countries. I hope to have the opportunity to exercise with you and share the joy with you.